Reese dress pattern

Women’s Reese dress

I was really excited to test this one for Made for Mermaids. Sometimes you just really feel like sewing with a bit of woven, and doing a few extras like collars and plackets and this came up at just the right time for me.

I tested the Women’s Reese first and made several muslins as part of the pre-test process to make sure we got a good fit. I measure right at the top of the red size and didn’t do an FBA because M4M drafts for a larger cup size than most designers, and that meant I didn’t need to. Awesome.

Megan also included FBA and SBA pieces in the pattern though, if you did need them. How cool is that? I also wrote a Blog post explaining how to do a larger FBA and smaller SBA if you were more than 1 size different between upper and full bust.

Duvet dress!

I call this my duvet dress because I used an old duvet to start off this muslin and then liked it so much I decided to finish it!


There were about 12 buttonholes to sew on this bad boy, so I was quite into the swing of things when I finally got to the end of them. I chose multicolour buttons to match the colours in the dress.

This is the sleeveless, dress length version, with pockets and a traditional collar.


I cheated on this version I made for my daughter and used poppers, which also worked really well and matched so nicely with the fabric we picked.

Short sleeves with ties

For this version of the Youth Reese we used the short sleeve option with the ties. Looks really cute and just gives a nice extra detail.

Military ruffle collar

This one has to be my favourite, though. I love the pop of colour and the little sparkly star buttons. She said she felt very snazzy in the ruffled military collar. I cheated on this one too as I didn’t have quite enough for the proper peplum length on the skirt piece and just used a narrow rolled hem on my overlocker to finish it off.

The tutorial is extremely detailed and if it’s your first time tackling collars, plackets and the like it has lots of hints and tips to help you get the best result.

Overall : 9/10

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